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Les Amis de l’HUDERFThe mission of Kids' Care (non-profit-making organization founded in 1991) is to promote the well-being of children in need by supporting efforts to humanize the reception and care of the sick child and his family as well as contributing to the quality of care through support of continuing education for all categories of personnel who deal with sick children, and the acquisition of medical equipment.

All this is of course is only made possible owing to the generosity of many donors and sponsors...

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Associations like Kids' Care can only survive through donations and, if necessary through legacies.
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All donations of a minimum of 40 euros are tax deductible.

In practice

Kids' Care
Head office : Avenue J.-J. Crocq, 1/3, 1020 Brussels
IBAN account : BE44 3100 7581 1145 (BIC code : BBRUBEBB)
Website : www.kidscarehuderf.be