Changes to the procedure for sending paper medical documents

From November 2nd

Digitalisation envoi

From November 2nd, the 3 hospitals that make up the H.U.B (Institut Jules Bordet, Hôpital Erasme and HUDERF) will stop systematically sending medical documents in paper format. 

This decision is the result of developments in technology and the means of communication available in the health sector. 

However, it is important to stress that anyone, whether a patient or a healthcare professional, retains the right to specifically request that individual medical documents be sent in paper format. This request must be made for each shipment.  

Partial or complete requests for medical records will be handled separately to ensure that all the required information is sent. 

You can access all your medical information referenced by the H.U.B. hospitals via the Brussels Health Network platform seven days after it has been referenced.

If you are a doctor from outside our institution, secure transmission by eHealthBox is becoming the norm.