Cookie policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer [1] when you visit websites. 

Cookies are placed and/or read when you consult a website or mobile application, or when installing or using software and this irrespective of the type of terminal used: computer, smartphone, digital tablet or video game console connected to the Internet. 

Information such as language choice is saved on your computer via cookies. When you again visit the website, the saved cookie is sent to the website in question and you no longer have to choose the website consultation language. 

Cookies usually have an expiry date. Some cookies are deleted automatically when you close your browser (known as session cookies), whereas others remain longer on your computer, sometimes even until you decide to delete them manually (known as permanent cookies). 


[1] The term "computer" covers computers, smartphones, tablets and any other device permitting Internet access. 

There are different types of cookie:

  1. Functional cookies (or strictly necessary cookies): These make it possible to ensure that the Internet functions correctly and provide users with the expected services, such as browsing, access to secure pages, etc. These cookies are essential in the sense that their absence prevents the website or Application from working properly. 
  2. Comfort cookies: These enable the website or application to remember user preferences, such as language, font size, etc. While these cookies are not essential, they nevertheless ensure browsing comfort
  3. Analytical cookies: These collect performance information relating to user behaviour, such as most frequently visited pages, activity on the website, visiting frequency, etc. In principle, this information is processed anonymously and for statistical purposes with the aim of improving browsing comfort on the website. For more information on the rules of confidentiality relating to the use of Google.   
  4. Third-party cookies: These are cookies that are associated with a domain name different from that of the principal website where the cookie is encountered. They are generally managed by third parties that have been consulted by the website visited rather than by the user. These cookies can also be necessary for the correct website functioning but they generally serve to enable third parties to see what pages have been visited by the user on the website in question and to collect information on the user, for advertising purposes in particular.        

What kind of cookies are used and why?

The Institution, this website manager, uses 3 kinds of cookies on

  • essential cookies
  • functional cookies
  • analytical cookies

Essential cookies

To manage its website content, the Institution places essential cookies. 

Essential cookies are necessary for correct technical functioning of the website. As they are essential, it is not possible to refuse them if you want to consult our website and they are placed immediately you access the site. Your consent is not therefore requested; there is simply an obligation to inform. 

Name Expiry Content Objectif
Klaro 30 days

Klaro is a platform that facilitates compliance with data protection laws such as the GDPR and the CCPA, providing website visitors with transparency and data control. It also proposes a personalised cookie banner for accepting or refusing different kinds of cookies. 

The purpose of Klaro is to provide website owners with a consent management platform that enables them to respect data protection regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA, while offering visitors transparency and control over the use of their personal data.    

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are required for optimal use of the website. You consent is required for the Institution to be able to place cookies of this kind. 

A cookie will also be used to manage your cookie preferences.

Analytical cookies

The Institution also uses analytical cookies to quantify its website traffic. This enables it to analyse the website use with a view to improving content. You consent is required before cookies of this kind can be placed.  

Name Expiry Contenu Objectif
Matomo 13 months

Matomo is an open source web analysis solution that provides detailed information on website visitors to improve website performances and the user experience. This platform respects private life, permitting data control and compliance with regulations such as the GDPR. 

The purpose of Matomo is to provide website owners with a detailed analysis platform that respects private life. It enables website owners to understand the behaviour and commitment of their visitors so as to optimise website performances and the user experience while respecting data protection regulations.     

To find out what cookies are installed and how to remove them

To know what cookies are installed on your device and to remove them, consult the following for information and the steps to take: 

Firefox Chrome Safari Edge
https://support.mozilla.o rg/fr/kb/effacer-cookies- donnees-site- firefox?redirectslug=effac er-les-cookies-pour- supprimer-les- information&redirectlocale=fr e/answer/95647?hl=fr https://support.a be/guide/safari/m anage-cookies- and-website-data- sfri11471/mac https://support.micr be/help/17442/wind ows-internet- explorer-delete- manage-cookies


Firefox (mobile) Chrome (mobile) Safari (mobile) Edge (mobile)
https://support.mozilla.o rg/fr/kb/effacer-cookies- donnees-site- firefox?redirectslug=effac er-les-cookies-pour- supprimer-les- information&redirectlocale=fr e/answer/95647?hl=fr https://support.a be/HT201265 https://support.micr be/help/4027947/wi ndows-delete- cookies


You can change cookie settings by using a setting on your web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc.) Consult the aid function or your browser's assistance website to find more detailed information concerning activating, deactivating and removing cookies. 

If you use another browser, you will find information and procedures on the website This website is available in English only. 

External links

The Institution's website makes reference to other websites by presenting external links to document certain information. Use of these links is the user's responsibility and the websites in question have their own private life policy and cookie policy. We advise users to consult these documents.