Did you remember to take your ID card?

Man holding electronic ID

Did you know? One trip to the hospital = one presentation of electronic ID (eID, ISI+ card or KidsID if the patient is a child). If you are accompanying a child, you must present the identity card of the child who has the appointment.  

Presenting the card is already compulsory for identity monitoring reasons: it helps us to ensure that we are providing the right care to the right patient. In January 2024, it will become a condition for third-party payment, meaning that if your mutual insurance company is in order, the costs will be billed directly to it and you will not have to pay everything. From January 2024, if you do not present your electronic identity card, you will have to pay all the costs. You will then be able to arrange the refund by yourself.    

Your child doesn't have an electronic identity card?   

 There are two possibilities:   

  •  If you are affiliated to a Belgian mutual insurance company, you must present the ISI+ card, which will identify you.  

  •  If you are not affiliated to a Belgian mutual insurance company, there is no change for you. We will simply ask you to show proof of identity so that you can be properly identified.  

Have you lost your child's electronic identity card?  

 You can submit a police declaration of loss in its place.