Discover our new magazine!

Combining the strengths of 3 institutions of recognised expertise, the Brussels University Hospital (H.U.B) is pleased to present “The hospital and YOU”: Your new medical rendezvous that is not to be missed! 


Whether you are a patient, future patient or visitor to the Erasmus Hospital/Jules Bordet Institute or the parent of one of our little patients at the Children’s Hospital, the new H.U.B magazine aims to keep you informed about our care, our fields of activity, our  care staff and  our expertise and innovations.  Through interviews with members of staff, well-considered advice and presentations of the Hospital’s position on topical subjects, we will bring you right up close to our hospital’s activities and to our care staff! Our constant priority is to provide all our patients with the highest quality care. Because your health is central to our concerns, this new centralised information platform is designed to answer all your questions.  Every person must have access to care and a continuous flow of information is part of this accessibility.

You can also find a paper version of our magazine in the French-language daily Le Soir (Brussels Region).

Here are some of the subjects covered  in this very first issue: 

The new face of the Emergency Department: A quality service close to the patient

For many patients the Emergency Department is their first contact with the hospital. Whether they attend on the advice of their GP or at their own initiative, they discover a dedicated medical staff who work tirelessly in their interests. 

Erasmus Hospital: A renovated and interactive entrance

In addition to renovating the Erasmus Hospital entrance hall, the H.U.B is pooling the tools for making an appointment. This is to ensure the greatest possible access to care and represents a new pathway designed in the patient’s interests. 

A combined HR team that is committed and mutually supportive

With more than 6,000 employees, the H.U.B offers magnificent job opportunities, professional challenges and scope for internal promotion within our institutions as a whole: the Erasmus Hospital and Jules Bordet Institute at the Anderlecht site, the Huderf Children’s Hospital and the CTR (Trauma and Rehabilitation Centre) at the Laeken site, as well as the CRG (Geriatric Rehabilitation Centre) and the Lothier Polyclinic that cover a specific geographical area.  

Funds and a non-profit organisation dedicated to excellence in research 

Although the H.U.B can count on reputed researchers, to realise its threefold mission the hospital has to be able to carry out numerous research projects in the interests of our patients. To support this research excellence, two funds and a non-profit organisation make a unique contribution by supporting scientific research to the full and producing hundreds of publications on the latest developments. Today we can present very tangible progress for the patient thanks to this support  from the Jules Bordet Association , the Fonds Erasme and The Belgian Kids’ Fund.

Multidisciplinarity in the service of the patient

Medical students rub shoulders with researchers, doctors and other care staff at the heart of the H.U.B. This academic and scientific vitality around healthcare lends an important added value to all those involved, as confirmed by   Professors Jean-Michel Hougardy, Medical General Director of the H.U.B, and Nicolas Mavroudakis, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine: “The recent coming together of the various institutions within the H.U.B will make it possible to increase links between doctors, professors and researchers and the Faculty of Medicine. All for the patient’s benefit.” 

The valuable assistance of our volunteers

The H.U.B knows it can count on the services of dedicated and effective volunteers. They support the hospital in a number of areas: reception, emergencies, paediatric surgery, outpatient unit, day geriatrics, bedside visits (to listen to the patient). The hospital is always looking for motivated individuals to join our teams, as H.U.B manager Catherine Lechat stresses . “The more volunteers we have, the more we can diversify our services to the patients. We are fortunate in currently having more than 120 volunteers, but are still interested in hearing from new potential volunteers.” 

The H.U.B as seen by children

Quality care  for all the patients and their families: baby, child, mum and dad, granddad and grandmother. 


We hope that through this new information platform  we will be able to answer all your questions. Enjoy your read!