During hospitalisation

Playground and play areas, meals, television and mail to a hospitalised child. 

Play areas

To bring some fun to your child's hospital stay, certain care units have play areas. Specialised educators have been hired by the HUDERF to accompany your child during these moments of play and relaxation. They are present between 9 am and 4 pm.


Hospitalised children can also use the outdoor playground, subject to authorisation from a doctor and provided they are supervised by educators or a parent. Brothers and sisters of patients are also welcome, under the parents' responsibility!


Meals: as soon as your child is admitted to the care unit, we recommend that you inform us of any special dietary requirements so that the Nutrition and Dietetics Unit can be notified in good time (e.g. no meat, no cow's milk, etc.). 

Meals are served at the following times: 

  • Breakfast : From 8.15 a.m. 
  • Lunch : From 12.15pm 
  • Supper: from 5pm  

Feeding bottles: Feeding bottles are prepared in the bottle bank and/or the breast milk bank and are given throughout the day and night. The breast milk bank also allows mothers of children in hospital to continue feeding their children with their own milk.

repas hôpital
repas hôpital
repas hôpital

In Room Television

A television set is available (for a fee) in your child's room in all services. You can collect a remote control from the Admissions Department in exchange for a deposit which will be refunded to you on your departure, in exchange for the receipt and the remote control in good condition.

salle hospitalisation

Postal Service

You can send a letter, a postcard or a text to a patient in hospital. Please include the following contact details: 

Child's name and first name 
Care unit number
Room number 
Avenue JJ Crocq 15 
1020 Brussels