Packing your child's hospital suitcase

Packing your child's suitcase and preparing the documents before hospitalisation

Contents of your child's hospital suitcase 

This is what you should pack in your child's suitcase:  

  • Toiletries (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, etc.)   
  • Underwear and  pyjamas, dressing gown 
  • Slippers 
  • Medicine already prescribed for your child 
  • Comforter, toy, favourite book, family photo, etc.   

Nappies are provided for infants. For babies who take the bottle the hospital also provides powdered milk. Exceptions: If your child takes a very specific milk (intolerances, diets, etc.) and for a sleep test (ward 66) please bring your own powdered milk!   

The following are not allowed in the hospital:  

  • Plants and flowers  
  • Animals  
  • Alcoholic drinks  
  • Tobacco products 
  • Dangerous objects  
  • Do not bring objects of value (jewellery, watches, handbags) or have large sums of money on you.   

Documents to bring with you  

On the day of hospital admission, please go to the Admissions reception at the time set by the hospital. Remember to bring the following documents with you:   

  • Your child's identity card  
  • A letter from the GP and, if applicable, imaging results  
  • Your child's health record booklet 
  • Name and address of GP 
  • Any medicines that your child is currently taking 
  • Authorisations for the reimbursement of certain medicines (for chronic complaints) issued by your mutual insurance company; 
  • Formal undertaking to pay or documents relating to your private health insurance:  Allianz, Allianz Worldwide Care, Assurance Fédérale, Bâloise Ins, CEE, Delta Lloyd Life, DKV, Ethias, Fidea Med Exel, KBC Ass, Medi-Link, SOS International (Tricare), Van Breda, Van Breda International, Youna, etc. 
  • Means of payment (cash, debit card or credit card)