Second opinion

Together we are stronger. Requesting a second opinion is a way of looking again at the care your child receives. So do not hesitate to contact us so that we can guide you in your care pathway.   

Why request a second opinion?

Patients and those who represent them are entitled to request a second medical opinion so as to be reassured in the knowledge that they are receiving the best treatment. Not all doctors and hospitals have the expertise, experience or equipment necessary and appropriate for caring for children and adolescents.  At the Queen Fabiola Children's University Hospital (HUDERF) everything has been designed to provide optimal care for the youngest patients. Our expert teams are trained and specialised in treating health problems from birth to early adulthood.   

Also, when several treatment approaches have been tested without favourable result, clinical trials can be proposed in certain cases for access to innovative drugs or treatment.   

Our teams cooperate with and remain up to date on developments at many other hospitals in Belgium and abroad. This enables them to direct the patient to other centres where a potentially useful treatment is available.   


What are the steps for requesting a second opinion?

If at all possible it is advisable to obtain a copy of your child's medical file from your GP. This is important so as to have all the information and avoid needlessly repeating examinations and visits. 

Specifically, the patient must make the request to obtain a complete copy of the medical file from his or her initial doctor and/or hospital. The latter is legally obliged to provide the patient with a copy within 15 days or otherwise send it to the doctor of the patient's choice.  

Some information is circulated between Belgian hospitals through the Brussels Health Network for the exchange of medical information.  To permit this exchange the patient must submit a signed authorisation in writing to the hospitals in question. Information is available at the HUDERF reception.    

un deuxième avis

Contacting the HUDERF

In practical terms, patients can contact the department of their choice depending on the problem encountered.  

For international patients, we invite you to read all the necessary information beforehand.