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« Genetics is transversal and covers all paediatric disciplines. Our activities concentrate on rare diseases. In the future genetics will also be able to explain more common diseases. » Professor Guillaume Smits, director of the ULB Center of Human Genetics.

Our specialities

The HUDERF's Genetics Department offers consultations for all children with a suspected genetic disorder and who may present, for example, one of more malformations at birth, delay in the various stages of motor and/or cognitive development, autistic disorders, unexplained epilepsy, growth problems, deafness or any other rare and unexplained disorder. In most cases it is the doctor who follows up the child (paediatrician, neuropaediatrician, orthopaedist, endocrinologist, ENT specialist, ophthalmologist, metabolism disorder specialist, GP, etc.) who attends the genetic consultation, but as a patient you are free to take the initiative yourself.  

Genetics makes it possible to refine the diagnosis, avoid the development and/or certain complications of the disease and even propose a treatment. 

The HUDERF Genetics Clinic consists of a multidisciplinary team that includes clinical geneticists, a psychologist, a bio-analyst and a paediatric assistant. 

The department specialises in:

Rare diseases, congenital syndromes, neuropaediatrics, child psychiatry, endocrinology, the metabolism, dermatology, ENT, ophthalmology, cardiology, pneumology, gastroenterology, orthopaedics, rheumatology, haemato-immuno-oncology, etc. 

Our medical specialists


Our medical specialists


Focus: Rare Diseases Function (FMR)

The "Rare Diseases Function (FMR)" cares for patients with rare diseases. Such cases require a rapid diagnosis, follow up, and transfer of patients to the care units most suitable for treating their pathology. Academic hospitals with a Genetics Centre can provide an FMR. The HUDERF (for rare diseases and cancers in children), the Erasmus Hospital (rare diseases in adults), and the Jules Bordet Institute (rare cancers in adults) are the 3 partner hospitals of the Genetic Centre for FMR. These hospitals participate in many ERNs. 


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