Nursing Department

Our role

A reassuring presence at the patient's bedside, a vital force for safe care of high quality, active at the heart of a multidisciplinary team: the role of nurse encompasses evaluation, initial diagnosis, planning, intervention and coordination of nursing care for patients throughout the care process. While ensuring family members are always on board.

"Caring for children sometimes means very complex care while helping the child understand the situation. Their reality is our motivation to continue to develop and share our methods."

HUDERF formation infirmier


At the HUDERF, you continue to learn throughout your career, whether in the field close to colleagues and patients or thanks to the continuous training that is an inherent part of a nurse's career.  Procedures evolve, practices are perfected and technologies change. The tools and support made available by the Nursing Department reflect this essential commitment to ensuring high quality care, in complete safety, and also to accompanying medical and institutional developments. 


The nurses contribute to clinical and fundamental research at the HUDERF by virtue of their specific knowledge and professional experience of diseases in children and adolescents, at the diagnostic, therapeutic and even preventive level. Research into nursing care is actively supported at the HUDERF:  research-action, end of year dissertation, thesis to obtain a master's in public health or participation in the dissertations or theses of medical students, etc.    



Positively influencing the way we practice the nursing profession means sharing the good practices and expertise acquired by the HUDERF with a view to encouraging the development of nursing practices and the quality of paediatric training.