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Our mobile palliative care team acts in the context of the child's various living environments, depending on needs and demands. The period of support can vary from a few days to a few years and also includes bereavement. The team works together with the Globul’Home paediatric liaison team to ensure coordination of the return home and patient monitoring. Members of our palliative care team always work in pairs with external professional supervision. Multidisciplinary, it consists of a paediatrician, two psychologists and a nurse trained in managing acute and chronic pain as well as paediatric palliative care. Well known in our hospital, the associations Mes Mains pour Toi and Dr Zinzins also visit the child's home regularly to alleviate the day-to-day life of the child, brothers and sisters and families. 


Engaged in a dynamic of seeking excellence of practice, all the teams at the Children's Hospital benefit from specific training in the field of palliative care. The palliative care mobile team has also embraced the mission of communicating the specific palliative care needs of children, adolescents and their families at national and international level on the occasion of congresses and within professional associations, so that more patients can benefit: Belgian Pediatric Palliative Care.


Nothing can replace the human contact established between you and our team. We therefore remain at your disposal to meet you, listen to you and answer any questions, either now or later when you feel the need. 

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Our team

  • Dr Christine Fonteyne, paediatrician, Head of Pain and Palliative Care Clinic 
  • Nathalie Andersson, nurse
  • Claire Van Pevenage, clinical psychologist
  • Julie Cano Chervel, clinical psychologist 

More infos : soinspalliatifs [at] hubruxelles [dot] be (soinspalliatifs[at]hubruxelles[dot]be) 

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