Golden september, paediatric cancer awareness month


'Golden September' is an awareness campaign to put paediatric cancer in the spotlight. On Sunday 25 September 2023, a team of 67 runners and walkers from the 3 institutions and departments of the Brussels University Hospital joined and strengthened the Wakili team from our HUDERF paediatric oncology department for RUN TO KICK. Together, and thanks to your donations to sponsor the races, we are rising to the challenges of research and showing our solidarity with our patients and their families. Our common goal: cure more children but also cure them better.

At HUDERF, for example, the team is now heading at Belgian level a major international study to explore new and innovative treatment options for children with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer of the soft tissue : a new battle for better survival results, with the support of Kick Cancer

A reference centre for the treatment of cancers in children and adolescents within the H.U.B, the HUDERF Paediatric Oncology Department has JACIE accreditation and is a member of the European Reference Network (ERN PaedCan) that brings together European professionals so that they can share good practices and treat and support children with rare or complex cancers. Within the H.U.B, teams from the HUDERF, the Jules Bordet Institute and the Erasmus Hospital mobilise to continue to develop excellence of care and widen the frontiers of medical treatment.