International patients

The hospital makes every effort to ensure that your child's arrival and stay at the hospital is as pleasant as possible, whatever your country of residence.   

If your  child has social security coverage  

You can make an appointment with a specialist doctor directly: either by contacting reception or via international [dot] huderf [at] hubruxelles [dot] be  

In what cases does a child have social security coverage?   

  • The child is affiliated to a Belgian mutual insurance company and has a national register number.   
  • In case of scheduled care: The child has form S2. The original document only, stamped and signed indicating the particulars of the beneficiary person, period during which care is covered (presumed admission and discharge dates) as well as the name of the Queen Fabiola Children's University Hospital.    
  • In case of emergency: The child has a European health insurance card, required for necessary and unscheduled medical care during a temporary stay in Belgium  

If hospitalisation is foreseen, this information must be communicated to Admissions at the latest 15 days before the admission date.   

If your child DOES NOT have social security cover  

If you do not have the above documents then before making any appointment you must contact the International Patients Unit: international [dot] huderf [at] hubruxelles [dot] be 

It is also essential to complete a number of formalities: 

1. You should provide us with the following documents and information:   

  • A medical report to be submitted to the International Patients Unit that will pass it on to the head doctor and specialist doctor at the Queen Fabiola Children's University Hospital. They will determine the treatment or hospitalisation necessitated by your child's state of heath.    
  • Copy of your child's passport or identity card. 
  • A contact email address. 

2. On the basis of this information the HUDERF's International Patients Unit will estimate the cost of care and send you the details by email.   

3. After having confirmed the costs estimate with the International Patients Unit you can make the payment.   

Please note: If you have private insurance or other coverage for the costs of treatment and/or hospitalisation, you should inform the International Patients Unit of this. They will analyse the document's validity and inform you of the decision.   

4. You should then forward the following documents to the Queen Fabiola University Children's Hospital:    

  • Precise particulars of the patient (last name, first name, date of birth, address, telephone number) 
  • Precise particulars of Belgian correspondent (last name, first name, address, telephone number, fax or email)   
  • Letter from parents mandating the Belgian correspondent 
  • The letter of intent from the patient's parents addressed to the Queen Fabiola Children's University Hospital.   
  • Address in Belgium during the period when the child is being treated.   
  • Proof of payment of a guarantee estimated on the basis of the medical file 

5. Once the payment has arrived in the Queen Fabiola Children's University Hospital account and the above documents received, the International Patients Unit will contact the specialist doctor's secretariat to set the date for the start of your child's treatment/hospitalisation. The International Parents Unit will forward this information to you.   

6. Subsequently, you should go to Admissions reception on the agreed date.   

International patients from outside the European Union: 

If you live outside the European Union and a visa is needed to travel to Belgium, the International Patients Unit will notify your country's embassy of the date and receipt of payment so as to help obtain a visa. It is nevertheless your responsibility to take the necessary steps to obtain a visa.   

Contact us

Hôpital Universitaire des Enfants Reine Fabiola 
Cellule des Patients Internationaux 
Avenue JJ Crocq 15, B-1020 Bruxelles , Belgium 
E-mail : international [at] huderf [dot] be (international) [dot] huderf [at] hubruxelles [dot] be  

Accommodation close to the Children's Hospital

The hospital has a residential home that provides simple and convivial accommodation. Only one of the hospitalised child's parents may stay there.   

Maison d'accueil