Mediation and patients' rights

If you believe that any of your rights as a patient have not been respected you are entitled to speak to a member of your care team to request mediation or to lodge a complaint.   

It is always advisable to first discuss your difficulties with a member of the care staff (doctor, nurse, etc.) who will be ready to listen to you throughout your stay. If that is not possible, or if a solution cannot be found, you can contact the mediation service that will try to resolve the conflict to satisfaction.   

You can contact the mediator for mediation in complete independence, impartiality, neutrality and in compliance with professional secrecy. If, despite mediation, a solution cannot be found, the mediator will inform you of the other possible alternatives for reaching a solution.

Consult the Internal Regulations Governing the mediation function. 

You can contact the mediation service:

  • By e-mail: mediation-ombudsdienst [at] hubruxelles [dot] be
  • By telephone: + 32 2 477 28 96 ou +32 490 13 84 58
  • Via the contact form below

Please complete the form as precisely as possible so that the mediation request can be dealt with  quickly and effectively. 

In submitting this form you agree to the information provided being used by the Brussels University Hospital (HUB) to process your request, in accordance with the site’s confidentiality policy. The information given below is transferred automatically to our hospital’s Mediation Service. 

Contact form: Request for mediation

Site concerned by the facts:
Your details:
Are you the patient concerned by the facts?
Is the patient in agreement with the steps you are taking?

The patient or patient’s representative will be contacted to obtain their permission.

Reasons for the complaint: Patients’ Rights

a. Technical competence b.Relations with the healthcare professional c. Organisation within the patient care pathway

a. About one’s state of health b. About the financial repercussions of the intervention by the healthcare professional

Reasons for the complaint: Complaints not related to Patients’ Rights:

comfort, meals, access, parking, cleanliness and hygiene, directions

estimation of costs, invoice, collection, payment plan, penalties

admission, discharge, making appointments, visits

interview, technical, social welfare service, reception, security