Mediation and patients' rights

If you believe that any of your rights as a patient have not been respected you are entitled to speak to a member of your care team to request mediation or to lodge a complaint.   

It is always advisable to first discuss your difficulties with a member of the care staff (doctor, nurse, etc.) who will be ready to listen to you throughout your stay. If that is not possible, or if a solution cannot be found, you can contact the mediation service that will try to resolve the conflict to satisfaction.   

A patients' rights mediator will be pleased to see you by appointment free of charge during the afternoon from Monday to Friday for mediation in total independence, impartiality, neutrality and while respecting professional confidentiality . If, despite mediation, it proves impossible to find a solution, the mediator will inform you of other possible channels for arriving at a solution.   

You can contact the mediation service droitsdupatient [dot] huderf [at] hubruxelles [dot] be (by email) at or by telephone at  02/477.28.96 (afternoons, from Monday to Friday)