Financial aspects

Make sure you have all the financial information you need before you go into hospital.

1. What is not covered by your mutual or other insurance company 
  • A personal contribution set by the Ministry of Public Health and the INAMI/RIZIV (Federal Institute for Public Health Insurance); 
  • Non-reimbursable pharmaceutical specialities; 
  • Certain supplies (prostheses for example) that are reimbursable in part or not at all; 
  • Certain non-reimbursable services; 
  • Possible costs of ambulance or other transport;
2. Staying the night with your child during his or her hospitalisation  

On making a financial contribution you can stay the night with your child provided there are no medical contra-indications.   

3. A provision to cover a part of the non-reimbursed hospitalisation costs   

This amount, as stipulated by law, must be paid on the day your child is admitted to hospital.   

This amount is calculated to take account of:  

  • The time your child is likely to remain in hospital; 
  • Your status (mutual insurance cover) 

This provision will of course be deducted from your final bill.   

4. Cost of a single room  

If you have opted for a single room, note that the HUDERF sets a limit of 200% on the percentage of the fee supplement applied. 


Useful info

Our Social Welfare Department can assist you if you encounter financial or administrative difficulties. If you are assisted by a CPAS [Public Centre for Social Welfare] we ask you to notify Admissions reception of this as soon as possible.  

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