Hospital visits

For parents, visitors and siblings who want to visit a child in hospital.

Rules to be respected during visits

  • It is essential to always be honest with your child when you say when he or she can next expect a visit. This avoids raising false hopes and anxious waiting…   
  • Visits may be limited for medical reasons 
  • To avoid risks of contagion, please do not visit if you are ill (fever, flu, a rash, diarrhoea or any other contagious disease) 
  • Wash your hands when entering and leaving your child's room  
  • Visiting children are the sole responsibility of their parent.   
  • Respect hygiene and isolation measures  
  • Avoid going from one room to another.   
  • Additional security measures may be implemented by the hospital in certain specific cases: restricted access, identity check on accompanying persons, etc.   
  • It is forbidden to bring alcoholic drinks onto the premises 
  • It is forbidden to bring animals into the hospital 
  • It is forbidden to smoke in the hospital (A.R. 15/05/1990)