Minister Lalieux meets our experts about autism

On 22 May, child psychiatry teams had the pleasure of welcoming Minister Karine Lalieux to discuss best practice in multidisciplinary care for autistic spectrum disorders.




An adapted approach for identifying and treating children with autistic spectrum disorders is necessarily rooted in our ability to create links & relationships: 

  • to transfer skills to expert parents, crèches and schools to ensure that the care proposed is continuous over time, repeated daily, and provided in the child's usual environment 
  • to learn the observations of all involved, reciprocally; to combine the insights of all the players around the child as part of a multidisciplinary approach at the hospital, at school and during activities
  • to decrypt the subtleties and sensorial particularities of each child, as well as his or her need to participate and integrate  
  • to fine tune the tools for each child and as early as possible 
  • to accompany the child to achieve the best possible result in his or her development and personal pathway, as rapidly as possible and in real life 
  • to create facilitating pathways between all professionals around the families of these atypical children (hospitals, GPs, administrations, teaching structures, etc.) so as to favour access to adapted care and to the assistance families need on the atypical parental pathway 
  • to support the transition towards an inclusive society that accepts and celebrates difference, and which shares and exchanges its parental, cultural, social and human skills 

Messages conveyed, supported and abundantly illustrated by our multidisciplinary team consisting of the APPI unit for early individualised autism care, the Therapeutic Kindergarten, the Autism Resource Centre, the Child Psychiatry Unit and the Liaison Unit, supported by the H.U.B management on the occasion of Minister Karine Lalieux' visit to the Children's Hospital last May 22nd.