New consultation for complex mobility assistance and positioning assistance


In one consultation the patient meets two specialists

The Physical and Rehabilitation Clinic (Neurology Department)

The Physical and Rehabilitation Clinic at the Children's Hospital Neurology Department is proposing a new consultation for patients with difficulties moving around unaided and who are making their first request for mobility assistance.  The joint consultation with a doctor and occupational therapist assesses each patient individually so as to guide them in their choice of mobility aid and give recommendations on positioning. They also assist in the administrative steps for obtaining mobility aid, make the link with the child's school environment and facilitate approaches to other health professionals and partners such as bandage makers. 


Consultations every Monday between 9 am and 12 noon.


For all information and to make an appointment, please contact the Neurology Department:

+32(00)2 477 31 74 

accueilRDV2 [at] hubruxelles [dot] be (accueilRDV2[at]hubruxelles[dot]be)



mobilité  et positionnement