Paediatric liaison - Globul'Home

Even when there are major needs associated with the illness, this return home is essential for the quality of life of the sick child and the child's family. We share our protocols and if needed provide training in specific techniques and care.

Our specialities

The Globul’Home paediatric liaison team consists of a paediatrician, paediatric nurses, psychologists and a social worker. The members intervene free of charge at the request of care teams and in various situations: 

  • To set up home care: injections, wound dressings, tube feeding, oxygen, etc. 
  • Coordination and continuity of care for patients suffering from complex chronic diseases
  • Coordination and continuity of care for patients receiving palliative care (holistic approach) in cooperation with care teams and the palliative care mobile team, including end of life if the child or parents wish an end of life at home.


If necessary, a   "cahier de liaison" notebook for the home is kept with the families and patients to improve communication and cooperation between all involved, including organisational difficulties inherent in following up these chronic, severe or complex illnesses.

Our team

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Our specialists


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