Sickle Cell Disease.


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Every child with sickle cell disease is unique, so it's essential to collaborate with the medical team to tailor care to your child's specific needs.

Please ensure that you attend all medical appointments, administer prescribed medications, and follow the doctor's instructions regarding follow-up and treatments.

Inform your circle of family and educators about sickle cell disease to promote understanding and inclusion.

Proper hydration is crucial at all times, especially during physical activity and in hot weather.

Reasons that should lead to an emergency visit to the hospital include:

  • A fever (≥ 38.5°C).
  • Pain that does not respond to Paracetamol/Ibuprofen.
  • Severe weakness/fatigue, breathing difficulties.
  • Loss of strength in a limb, difficulty speaking.

If you are planning a trip abroad, discuss it with your doctor, who will provide you with all the necessary advice to ensure a smooth journey.