Infectiology (Pediatric)

Because we make it a point of honour to consider each patient in his or her totality, our unit has adopted an integrated approach to the health problems of patients and works in close cooperation with other hospitals as well as with microbiology and immunology laboratories.

Our specialities

The Infectiology Department treats children from birth and focuses in particular on the mother-child transmission of infections.   

The clinical activity of the Infectiology Department is concentrated in two main areas:    

  • treating children with rare and/or complex infectious diseases. These are principally children hospitalised for oncology or intensive care. Outpatient and post-operative care is also provided.   
  • developing new protocols for treating frequent paediatric infectious diseases in an emergency or first-line context   

The department specialises in: 

  • particular bacterial infections: opportunist germs, bacteria resistant to antibiotics, including tuberculosis   
  • infections in patients suffering from chronic pathologies (transplant,  kidney failure and cystic fibrosis patients, etc.)   
  • osteoarticular infections with equipment present   
  • tropical diseases and treating fever after travelling (malaria, dengue fever, typhoid, etc.)   
  • vaccination for travellers 
  • health of migrant populations and their families 
  • congenital infections and prevention of mother to child transmission  
  • prevention of infections through vaccination and/or antibiotherapy among risk populations (immunodeficiencies, haematological diseases, etc.) in close cooperation with the immunological and haematological departments     
  • management of antibiotherapy  

The department has globally recognised experience in group A streptococcal infections such as angina and impetigo but can also act in the case of sometimes fatal invasive infections such as toxic shock syndrome or necrotising fasciitis. The department is also particularly interested in the significance of   Streptococcus pneumoniae invasive infections and the effect of various vaccines on the epidemiology of these infections.

Our Team


Our medical specialists



The Infectiology Department has a translational research laboratory where  research is carried out with the aim of better understanding bacterial infections and developing new tools of diagnosis and new potential treatments. This research is particularly interested in prevention and vaccine development. In addition, it will soon have Belgium's only Institute of Vaccinology. 



The department works within an international network of infectiology that enables it to diagnose extremely rare diseases. The department is recognised as an expert by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for streptococcus A infections.   



The department will soon be recognised as a site of excellence for internships in paediatric infectiology, one of first in Belgium to be recognised as such.


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