The Teddy Bear Hospital: An unforgettable day for the children

Hdn 16 sept stand Chir

On 16 September the Children’s Hospital (H.U.B) organised a very special event to the delight of children and adults: the “Teddy Bear Hospital”. A memorable day that gave hundreds of children the chance to discover the medical world in a way that was fun as well as reassuring. 

The Teddy Bear Hospital is a unique initiative that aims to enable children to get to know the hospital environment in a fun way. The event welcomed hundreds of children along with their favourite teddy bears.  The children first received a warm welcome from a team of hospital volunteers. They were then invited to take part in a whole variety of interactive activities. 

In the corridors of the Children’s Hospital the children watched demonstrations on how to care for their teddies.  The nurses explained how to apply a bandage or a plaster cast, take a temperature and give teddy a check-up.  In a spirit of fun and learning the children were then encouraged to try to do the same. Eager to try, they found it fascinating. 

Mobilisation of associations

The children were also treated to a tea party, offered by the hospital with the help of the Kid’s Care association, a special partner of the Children’s Hospital for many years now. 

But the tea party was not the only surprise in store on the day. The  "docteurs zinzins" were also present to liven up the hospital corridors. Their jokes and clowning soon had the children and adults laughing. Music was also on the agenda thanks to the association  "Une note pour chacun" [A note for everyone] that provided a moment of musical fun. 

The event was a success!  A success that would not have been possible without the mobilisation of the staff of the H.U.B and the Bemsa association of healthcare students, not to forget the commitment of all the hospital voluntary workers and the associations that support the hospital.