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Dr Françoise DE GROOTE
Consultations and technical exams
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N.B. :

  • Consultation hours provided for information only and subject to modification.
  • Unmentioned doctors or paramedics can also be seeing patients (according to a variable timetable). Please enquire by telephone (appointment desk).

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For any consultation, don't forget to bring :

  • your appointment card or necessary information (name of the doctor, department/specialty) ;
  • your child's health book ;
  • the identity card of your child ;
  • a means of payment (Euro, bank card with Maestro function, Visa), a document delivered by a public social welfare centre, or a commitment of payment.

Make an appointment :

Appointments are taken by phone, in person, or via our online form.

N.B. : Our phone lines are sometimes very busy. A recorded message will tell you your position in the waiting queue and the estimated waiting time. Thanks for your understanding.

Appointment reminder :

We have set up a system which allows to remind you of your appointment by SMS or by an automated message on your telephone. It also allows you to cancel your appointment if there is a hitch.

Appointment cancellation or modification :

Please notify us if you are unable to keep your appointment so that the time slot can be allocated to another patient.

>>See also : Consultations (printable guide)PDF / Useful contact data to make an appointment.